Because service doesn’t stop with delivery

Global Delivery Network is committed to providing domestic and international services that meet our partner’s needs. By combining Sales, Information Technology, Operations and Customer Service throughout the onboarding process we guarantee a logistics solution that meets your company’s expectations. Because we are focused on becoming a true business partner we take the time to understand your product, seasonal trends and targeted audience. Whether your company is looking for a domestic or international shipping solution, GDN has the services that help you succeed.


GDN provides various levels of service for both domestic and international mail. By understanding your mail requirements we can customize a routing solution that provides your business with the best level of service. By combining service with the ability to ship to over 200 countries worldwide, GDN is the best solutions provider for your domestic and international mail. Whether you’re a small to mid-size company or fortune 500 let’s work together to grow your business.


If you’re looking for a cost effective International parcel solution with complete track and trace then GDN has the solution. By providing a true End-to-End parcel delivery system Global Delivery Network is able to customize a solutions that provides International Shipping, Landed Cost, and Track & Trace from one platform. GDN goes beyond shipping your packages, our goal is to make you a better international ecommerce business.


GDN provides a complete suite of parcel services which include: International Customs Clearance, Product Harmonization, Duty & VAT calculation, Track & Trace and Returns. Each service is combined to provide a platform that guarantees a reliable network. By providing multiple delivery options and customized routing GDN can provide your business with an efficient, cost effective logistics solution.


In order to provide an effective ecommerce solution our team takes the time to fully understand your industry, product, IT infrastructure, and customer expectations. With a complete understanding of your business combined with our experience in international ecommerce we customize a plan that targets: International Checkout, Routing Optimization, Delivery and Returns.