In order to provide industry leading services GDN takes the time to understand our customers industry, sales cycle, and information technology capabilities. Understanding your industry and the type of products that you ship allows GDN to customize a solution that begins with the checkout process. There are several methods to implement a successful end-to-end transactional solution for global shipping, the key is having a partner like GDN that can provide guidance on the best solution for your business.

Whether your business is seasonal or non-seasonal, targeting your customers and countries are essential to growth. By understanding your expectations and target market we can structure a shipping model that combines targeted mailings with parcel delivery that maximizes your profits and reduces cost. Our goal is to make your business an industry leader by providing consultation and services that are only found with a partner like GDN.

The only way Global Delivery Network can offer best in class service is by combining a dedicated staff with a software platform that contains all of the necessary tools. Our Parcel Delivery System (PDS) offers levels of integration that provide our customs with the logistical support necessary to compete in today’s global market. From checkout to delivery PDS provides options via API or batch process to push and pull the necessary data so you can process and track your freight.

Checkout Process

The most essential part of a successful E-Commerce solution is the checkout process. Today’s shopper has certain expectations of the ecommerce experience and GDN will make sure your business is ready to provide them. Many customers want the option to pay duty and taxes at the time of checkout while a few prefer to pay at the door. GDN provides both levels of service so you can remain flexible within your shopping cart solution. The key to GDN’s solution is to remain flexible while staying customs compliant.

Duty & Taxes

It’s important that your customer understands how much they are paying and when they will pay it. But it’s also important to implement a solution that fits your business model and IT capabilities. GDN understands the complexity of Duty and Tax requirements and can customize a solution that ensures that your complaint with the country of clearance without having to rewrite your entire shopping cart solution.


The team at Global Delivery Network has years of experience in domestic and international shipping. We have taken that knowledge and developed a platform that streamlines the shipping process while remaining sensitive to the resources required to implement the solution within your business workflow. PDS Web provides a platform that brings all GDN services together in one centralized solution. By centralizing our solutions into one platform your company is able to get real-time feedback regarding:

  • Receipt of Freight
  • Outbound Processing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Injection & Delivery Status
  • Returns Management

By combining our PDS Web tools with our dedicated staff GDN has a formula that is guaranteed to increase your companies bottom-line.